Poem #1,731 – “Emptying Surroundings” – Love Poetry – 7/7/2021

Upon the tragic ships
Sending off collections of fragile paintings
Stained with bled fears and imaginings,
A singular heartbeat skips
Over the secular mist
As breath over winter is kissed.
Inside the feathery miles –

Dreams come undone, at the peak
The moon did display its final visage.
A funereal, porcelain deception
Weeping for pain’s conception.

I can heal the waters, mend the oceans
Torn apart to the ship’s motion.

I can wait, while fog surrounds
These feet nailed to the hollow ground.

Defeat and loneliness, the truest art
To devise a nautical fatality
In the uprise, to the storm
When the heart could not restart.

Broken rhythm, faded face in a puddle,
An hourglass for time’s symptomatic muddle.

I hold sadness on shared circumstance
Within the weather of broken dreams,
Bleeding air, fading in these streams
Where denial runs in happenstance –

To the eclipse, to the scenery
Where forms divide to share the sight,
While eyes caress the merge
Upon sun with tearstained moon.

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