Poem #1,733 – “A Kiss to Hush your Sound” – Love Poetry – 7/7/2021

By the bare rush of rain,
Love stills the fall.
A kiss silences the crawl
To the last unpleasant teardrop.
A touch that loosens pain –

Upon the drunken connection,
Where fingertips design resurrection –

Where faces are seen through curtains,
As eyes grow too certain.

A kiss that breaks the ice,
Apart from winter’s untrue stillness.
A kiss that steers the night
Into the delayed sunshine,
Waters the dead garden to rise.

Keep holding the last star,
Believing in all, apart from war.
Keep still, within the grain,
As bodies are close within rain.

Wear your oceans close,
For love will never close –

As each window will enter
All winds that share your scent.

A fair cloud, kissed to quiet
In the places most were grey.

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