Poem #1,734 – “Cylinder Curves” – Love Poetry – 7/12/2021

Pass beneath the emboldened glare
Swept from twin curtains to this stare,
That one moon might caress
Captured shoulders for a midnight dare.
While the faint aura subsides,
I might kiss a biblical goodbye.

While in hands, become undressed,
Curving within the clouds,
Painting contours into the shrouds.

To recall all tears for tombs,
All departed loves in their wombs
Birthed for the shadows, emptied –

For all crippled stories.
As life draws a mask upon sand,
With ease to the beloved dune,
I send former pages elsewhere,
Whimpering in this midnight dare.

To have a heart, where churches burned,
To hold a face, as others turned –

As I love with pain upon hands.
Folding palms to close a book,
Curtains drawn to pull a look
Upon a merciful form in the sands.

The thinnest of ropes about her feet.
Within curves to the hourglass
That hold time, upon shadows past.

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