Poem #1,740 – “For Cherry-Tinted Eyelids” – Love Poetry – 7/19/2021

With the trail as a brittle sound,
A wave that crawls backwards
To a sun that sets in its rise.
With faces that shed despondent light,
A pair of hands that float from town
To the feet that stand above clouds –

Our love in a gentle whisper,
Our eyes will not give up
Each ray of light from its giver,
Each glance not ever enough.

Floating in from the harbor,
Your tears come as a steaming rush.

A geyser that melted the glacier,
Heated hope for the coldest water.

A cruel sight for a glimmer,
Weakening the spot we used to break
Into each piece, after each wake
When winter grew into summer.

Can you tear this page apart
At its edge, at our pledge, for our start?

For your eyelids, red-rimmed in the dust,
While smoke replaces the fog.
Tears are porcelain to the clarity,
The white snow atop envisioned rust –

As our love waits with each flake
That could not ever settle.
We bleed miles into this journey
To have our sorrows gathered
To each fire always smothered.

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