Poem #1,741 – “Dear August Eyes” – Love Poetry – 7/19/2021

Depravity compels this,
This worship, this kiss,
This state of a heart,
Crippled in its yearning.

You rise with the turmoiled sun,
With folded hands, in your quickened run –

Speaking inaudible syllables
To repeat a stagnant day.
I still the wine that ripples,
With a cruel reflection in its gleam.
I aim, with glowing eyes –

To have what is mine.
An evening soaked in a decline
To the sun, married to the phases
A moon holds in its restraint
To find clarity in the dark.

Spotting the circling dress,
While whispers entice –

Reaching to becoming shadows,
Crawling to the roaming silhouette.

Summer is roped on its neck,
A transfer to the somber Autumn.
Single time to weep a careful dirge,
To lament each moment
Grace never swerved
Poverty to a glistening salience.

With a walk to a burning hearth,
Light is to distant eyes
Among the crystal embers,
Sunken to crushed apples.

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