Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Sky” – 2/50 – “To Soften your Landing” – 8/6/2021

Always sunlight, always the path
That never stretches far in your wandering.
A trail you have left for the swath,
Droplets of blood, outside the cage.
Your wings remain afloat,
While your head falls with the stars.
Can you count the dreams,
Those details you hurled from the page?

Sickness would have you rest.
Did you ever smile
During the turn of every while
We caressed the storm,
We were thunder in our arms?

Holding your hand, in a cradle
That keeps you floating
Atop the velvet, beneath the streams
Broken from my curtained eyes.
When to the moment our hearts fly –

We can break the seconds in two,
Without receding from where we undo
All pain that kept us sinking.

While you bleed without speaking
Tiny words from foreign smiles,
As none were true upon the mile –

We did steal the shadows back
To coat the wings
With the ocean’s touch,
Wide upon the span of a life.

Wide with the reach of a hand
That embraces you upon the soft land.

3 thoughts on “Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Sky” – 2/50 – “To Soften your Landing” – 8/6/2021”

  1. So beautiful, intimate, and as well poignant. I feel tragedy lingering in this piece with such gothic imagery that drowns you into it; as well, there’s a comfort to it–being there for the person going through it and being their anchor. Beautifully and emotionally depicted!

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, Lucy! πŸ˜€

      Sounds like you were touched by this piece. I am not in my best place, these days. But, I must pour my feelings into creative works. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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