Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Sky” – 3/50 – “Snow upon the Wings” – 8/6/2021

For the grain,
To fade with the pain.
While melting with the snow,
The moon knelt with you
To see your eyes
In the crystal, brought low.
For each face –

There to be traced,
Love kneads a whisper
Through the mist and winds.

Love kept you soaring
Even with the tears sent backwards,
Upon their journey ashore.

You will face Heaven,
Upon the place your flight ends.
When you smile,
Look to the clouds, to the mile
When we traced our faces,
Made whispers out as messages –

Carved out statues for our arms,
Built for our kisses.
Upon the sand –

Will you find that broken hand?
No memories did depart
On the ships, gathering broken hearts.

Nothing will be cast aside
To the darker side of the moon.
Your pain to fade
Is enough for life to stay.

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