Poem #1,754 – “Hurry Across the Waves” – Love Poetry – 8/11/2021

A storm had brought us near,
As we kiss in the daylight.
Daylight, for all is dear
Upon the scars that match stars.
Was one second far too early
Or late, while waves collide
With each face above the tides?

I savor your call in the emptiness,
Bleeding beneath moonlight.
While voices are next to transparent,
Honesty holds us, more or less –

In each stain upon the hourglass,
Finding smiles on Heaven’s pass.

Did we always cry
To fill the ocean between us,
Even while throwing letters of goodbye?
The sun had arranged us
To grow wings, to meet
In places we could not speak –

While lips are tied together,
In the noose of our surrender.

With the storm to wet our eyes,
Our hands burning as embers in coldness,
We merge, basking in the oldness
Where lives never knew skies.

I match your hair to the sands,
Your eyes to the planets
Centered among the dark.
We fall through our entrance
To stir our senses, our direct sentence.

3 thoughts on “Poem #1,754 – “Hurry Across the Waves” – Love Poetry – 8/11/2021”

    1. I speak in relation to a long-distance relationship I maintained.

      For the seasons that passed, I never went to the beach during the warm days. I would always think of what her pain was, to then compare that to the endless droplets in the ocean.

      I knew she was across from there, and I always wished I had the energy to swim from here to there.

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