Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Sky” – 5/50 – “Dare I Be a Bird?” – 8/12/2021

Dare I see the coast
Where kisses are brought to shore?
Dare I rush to boast
What others murder for,
Leaving scars that never soar?
Dare I face the blue,
Holding tears back, that renew –

Themselves, upon the faded you?
Weeping without gravity.
Facing up, in disparity.

Towards the skies,
Towards where your leaves descend
Into these unfurled hands.

Would I wander these winds,
Grieving with each scar and sin?

Dare I know you beneath wings,
Living where joy always sings?

Dare I believe in immortal love,
Speaking in riddled riddles,
While an interlude of calm plays
For seasons to stretch above?

Dare you fell your form
On the crystal highway?
Dare we dream apart, far away?

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