Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Sky” – 10/50 – “Tears for Feathered Symmetry” – 8/13/2021

Pull all the curtains,
Teardrops were better the diamonds
Than the gold that circles them,
Being the predator, being certain.
Fold your lids over sapphire,
As the blue in your soul kneels
To find meaning in the dark,
Waiting inside an earthen heart.

I stain your lips with figurative words,
Trembling at hands, waiting for a merge
Where union is the symmetry.
At the final voyage,
Where wine is tasted before tears,
Could we attach our hearts to eternity?

Stillness at the life of you,
With hands cupsing no water to renew
At the ending of grief into joy.

Suddenness at the pleasures employed,
While an anchor drops your nest
At the spot the waves crest.

Your home is an illuminated background,
Setting suns with the scenery.
With your back to the faint glimmers –

Razor winds caught in your hair,
As eons pass in unawares.

Can you hold open the dividing line,
While I brand kisses to your lips?

Embers sink through, as heartbeats skip
As rocks for lakes of missing shine.
You could gravitate
To your favored softness,
While loyalty is the winds of laughter,
In all directions where sensations matter.

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