Poem #1,756 – “The World Progresses without you” – Romanticism – 8/16/2021

Then spun the wheels
Mimicking the current ideal.
A track lost
For a purpose received
At the point eternity was crossed
To the arms,
Towards the lips at silence conceived.
A burial of vows in frozen pages.

I shivered at the altar,
Wearing my heart on a sleeve
While my face twisted and altered
In the same sweat the people believed
Was to quit their train.

I grew through to knowing her,
Leaving the world, behind.

I danced atop leaves, within my mind –

Burning what was not an offer
To heal as anything better than love,
Upon the convey belts
That left those tragic marks.

Here’s to smoke, raising above
Towards the materialism, thereof.

Towards the universe full of stars
That were once a soldier’s tears.
Here’s to those lasting fears
Blocked at the sight of invented light.
I broke my mind at the caress
Before this heart had burned –

In the coals of where lovers turned
From themselves, for feelings at silent duress.

There spun the wheels for progress,
While wounds were blackened to careful regress.

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