Poem #1,766 – “You Cry without Sleeping” – Love Poetry – 9/8/2021

You keep the music on
To the radio’s loss of your tune.
You keep answering to the dialect
For each quivering note
A handsome appearance mismatches you
With the next prettiest world
Where nothing found you.

You keep bending hurricanes closer
At the sound of wind to your window.
The more a scent can leave
Across your pillow,
The less even a dog will find
You curled up in your cat attire.

Nothing chases the storm
Quite like you.
No one forgets the past
As your eyes to each blade of grass
You felt was the certainty to your knowing.

Having knowledge in what might come closer
Than the stains you leave in your bedsheets.
Men come and go at the sound
Of another heart attack,
On a second emergency line.

They breathe kisses through your hair,
Though will take you nowhere.
They surround your captivation
In captivating dominance.
They exit while the storm remains
To never wash out those stains.

Have you bled enough
While burning from black to blue?
A dark set of eyes,
An ocean for a soul,
While only snakes will drown you,
As nothing is new.

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