Poem #1,767 – “A Kiss to Bring me Closer” – Love Poetry – 9/9/2021

A kiss to bring me closer
To your ever-changing patterns in the wind.
To your seasonal surrounds,
A kiss will bring me closer
Than all the flames of the wild,
Than all the temptations I have crossed
On this voyage to encompass you.

The dominant hand closer,
The better foot put forward,
The love we keep saying
Is both our embrace and our march.

Our tears, the next
To love, loosened upon the dry leaves
That the forest we burned down
Might regrow.

Our faces, we smother
In breaths, concealed for years.
Our symptoms, we unveil
With no more than certainty
To remedy our tragedy.

Bring along how many steps ahead
We must use
To cross the fatal bridges, ahead.
Bring along the final hour
Before midnight,
When you lay your head closer,
When your sigh is the growth for leaves,
Uncolored, bandaged once in sorrow,
And now with tomorrow.

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