Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – Poem 1/25 – “Listen for Heartstrings” – 9/30/2021

As I turn around,
Holding open the door
Towards the hidden avenue.
Walk up to the attic of Heaven.
Do you not hear the heartbeats?

Place your ear
To the wall,
Love has reverbed and swelled
As rhythms and tides.
We have broken in each other’s current,
While time approaches, softly
For the moment,
The minute when a face becomes recognized.

Upon the ocean,
Screaming for healing.
When we were walking with hands
Clasped together, upon the shore,
Leaving our sentences fragmented
For the gulf to swallow up.

To the sounds of the sea.
See, without disbelief
That love rarely
Disconnects itself from reality.
We glow in the setting sun,
Fall with the rise to the moon.
Can you hear
The wind that moves us?

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