Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – Poem 2/25 – “Will you Pass as a Cloud?” – 9/30/2021

Will you fade
With the blue to your lips?
The sun to your heart,
The ocean to your reflection
Where a thousand seagulls grants hope
For sailors on their approach
Towards the uncertain west.

You set, or settled
With the waste and its arrangement
Of torn petals, smeared pages
As you lost your eyes
In the close of a final door.

Will your memories remain,
Walking upon gravel,
With smudges of someone else’s rain?
Someone’s tears were here,
Someone else’s name was here
To stay.

Will you fade
With the colors that never made it?
With those flowers that bloomed
For the rain to be too much.
With those infants that exit wombs,
For their mothers to hold them
A moment before seeing them frozen.

To be that hope
Bleeding the horizon dry.
To remain as one extra letter on the page,
One final droplet to raise a garden,
Will you fade
As another cloud that goes by?

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