Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 19/50 – “Kisses for Sunsets” – 10/8/2021

Kisses for trains
Running through tracks, as you
Go through feeble times,
With infanthood in your head.
An egg had fallen
To be the still-born, to be the same weather-worn
Rock of smoothness beneath fading sunlight.
Near a river,
Once the statue carved from a boulder.
Now the pebble, becoming dust.

Ravens overhead,
Hearts that tremble from dread.
Kissing the sunset,
Same with your neutral expression
That folded into another day
For another world.

You gave life
To the smiles, for my witness
In my own mirror.

A part of me
Drains in your steady background,
Dancing on these endless sands.
Alone, in the music of silence.

Would I want the sun to rest?
If in danger, I would.
Would I want the love to end?
If memories can slip as the sand in hands,
I would.

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