Poem – “Autumn in the Skies” – 18/50 – “Open-Mouthed Dive” – 10/8/2021

Without subtracting.
With the gun to shoot in the direction
Of your vacant heart, in the dark.

The open field,
Where thunder struck to fuse two forms.
Two eyes to see
Beneath a tarp that holds up
The rain.
It cannot shield us.

We love,
We build,
Being deprived, next to
Our aching oceans.
While walking as Christ upon waves,
We are faithful, and forsaken
While blood
Covers our scars.

A bird lost,
Commitment as the written message
Carved upon burning lips.
A starving mouth,
A wide-open dive
Into the space the sun was dropped.

A sentiment cost
Us, with the roses undone of roots,
While we still held hands.

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