Poem – “I Hurt you” – Love Poetry – 10/16/2021

At times,
Loyalty bends itself
Too low,
To become earth.
Once above, now below
To be the maggot in the grains.
Your tears
Do not, cannot, water me.

I am among the garden
Needing cultivation from the devil,
For roses redder than his flame,
For love more immortal
Than eternal.

Knife in your heart,
As I hurt you.
A toast to your restless nights,
As I burn my throat.

A rope about your feet.
You placed it about your throat.
A kiss to your neck.
You considered me to drain you,
To rain you
With boiling tears
From a pot we both kept watching.

I loved.
Did I love?
You drowned.
Where did I walk?

All those tears
To create the ocean,
Both for cleansing and your death.

I hurt you,
Once loved.
I would bend my knees to plead
Were they not broken,
Were my regrets not diseasing me,
Wrapping me in wire
Untied to our connection.

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