Poem – “Tight-Roped Feelings” – Love Poetry – 10/16/2021

Cold kiss, of
Two drunks on the breath
To another,
With the same direction
Of a pain that stares upwards
To a sun that never sets,
Our scars.

For water, we walk
Saving ourselves, savoring the other
With blood, the wine.
Bread for a smile,
Kissed towards the bloodied mile.
Pain to dilate
The pupils
Into black holes that swallow
More shame, than pride.

A journey
Taken, with breath to dine
To the scent of rose, with wine,
Folding our flesh
With your dark hair
As the tight-rope to walk
Across to your heated heart.
You still love –

You still bleed
From a cradle we could not
Stop, of its movement,
Of its two sides
Rocking of both, swinging us
In the arms of the other.
We could not
Quit this love,
While the sun remains high.
A porcelain glow
To our nighttime, below.

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