Poem – “Far from the Scars” – Modern Romanticism – 11/23/2021

More than stones,
More than a wire to cross
On the journey to find you alone.
Feeling your veins
In the cold wind of summer’s loss.
Entering you, seizing reins,
Watering your eyes with more than tears,
With more than the shallow lakes
Reflecting your fears.

A crow had spoke
To tell me you were alone,
Swallowing grains that made you choke.
An angel in the curtaining dark.
With clipped wings, you landed hard
Far from these arms
Dedicated to keep you apart from harm.
To build, in your collapse –

To love in this stretch,
Weep in each place you had wept.
Far apart, we will close the distance –

If you walk towards the entrance –

If you allow
For kisses to raise you high,
Then nothing with heart can anymore lie.

When you escape the snow,
Praying close to Heaven,
Even when the waters come close
To drown you –

Love can still float
Your image away
Into my gentle arms,
Where my tears on the slope –

Carry you far from scars.

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