Poem – “A Ghost to Find” – Modern Romanticism – 11/24/2021

Infinite, in the unfaltering arms
That were open to hope’s healing rain.
With the shelter, beneath stars,
Following tracks back to belonging.
Here, with teardrops, your pain
Clinging to lips, upon increased longing.
Hollow are those eyes,
Somber, in all decaying fields.
Find your way back home.

With fate, you wield
The rain over your flesh,
The stars over our caress.

With eyes, you now see
Sentences of peace, truth that frees.
One heart with a singular nail
Driven through it, high upon a wooden slab.
To die for you, to cry for you
As water flows in the hail.

You can be all things without iron flows,
Everything without the red
Even in nights I thought you dead.

You can be loved, while the universe grows –

Buried in arms,
As we had closed the gap
Inside the marriage of years.
Let yourself dance, among grace.
Never fade among all excess space.

Loyalty finds a smile
Greater in a kiss, than alone upon lips.

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