Poem – “A Heart to Keep you Warm” – Modern Romanticism – 11/26/2021

Breathe over your untrodden valleys.
This music in your ears
Will keep you in faint belief,
Will keep you enveloping
The aura that keeps escaping.
Walk your tears this way,
As now is the time to pray –

For the sun to never set,
For the mornings to capture our breath.
Do not sleep, do not
Curtain your sight with the clouds.
Sentences need us to listen –

While your heartbeat remains
To shower us into noon.

In your place,
I will mean to cry.
For your place,
I will mean to lie
In the grave that cradles you
Same as when you were born,
In a mother’s arms.

Endeavor, endeavor if you are able –

To watch the sun,
To not be blinded at the rays
From a heart meaning to warm you.

Water runs from these eyes,
As love is never on its deathbed.
Your flesh, our flesh is this cloak –

To undress,
To be the caress after death.

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