Poem – “Not Enough for the Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/13/2021

Describe you
In simple ways,
I cannot.
By engrossing details –
A shoreline curve to a hip,
Pebbled beach
To make both eyes and breasts,
Fingers, like candles
Burn garments
To the ashen floor.

Of subtle hints,
Bared auras,
Scenery to taste,
Loins to waste
In the grave intoxication
In the entrance, of womanhood.

Lifted sights,
Disassembled breaths,
A face that does not surrender
To the lifetime of age.

Hair that sets itself alight
To be the reflection
For a man, in his moment of fright,
While beauty was,
As beauty is
The storm that never dies down
In the moment where grace
Holds a heartbeat,
For its sound.

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