Poem – “Cry for Nothing Else” – Romance – 7/31/2020

For as you bleed
To the fragile moon's face,
I wish to trace
What tears you have shorn
From a flesh that has been bled and born
Within the womb of love.

I dream of you,
Dear one,
In my nights of no sleep,
As I imagine the day with stars.

You are in love with a mile,
Centered in your arms,
Leaking higher,
As the droplets of your eyes fall upwards.

I want to wear what you feel
Over my form.
You are the love that does not lie,
When you cry.

Only in love,
Have you ever surrendered.
The moon needs no sun,
For us to be one,
Even when we are parted
With elegance to show we have started.

We carry
Sympathies to the shorelines,
Saying to forget
All we could not get,
Besides each other,
To remain here, forever.

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