Poem – “As My Tears Water the Earth” – Romance – 11/2/2019

In what I see, is nothing more than the drenching,
From the skies, being my eyes.
My face is sometimes,
The kind wing,
Though also the harsh leather.
I see Earth beneath my feet,
And I have crushed many cities,
My guilt resonates as something I’ve condemned.

I’ve said upon guilt,
“Let yourself free from me,
For you are free,
And so should I be.”
It would not listen,
It remained still in torturing me,
And would not let me flee,
From its fires of misery.

Bold gestures from my mouth,
Rain the screams, uncouth.
What rains the most,
Are the tears that water the Earth,
My own that water the Earth,
I’ll always measure my worth,
Making faces full of pain,
And utter syllables of shame.

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