Poem – “Your Curvature Alike the Earth” – Romance – 11/2/2019

Pale skinned woman, and blue eyes of the North,
Fill the Earth with your pleasure,
For you have captivated me.
I see newness in every shape,
Each origin to what I have attempted
To ever forget.
Death deals upon me a greater restraint,
Than ever love did.

Your face and searing eyes,
That burn holes in my own.
Uplift me to the highest of Heavens,
Raise me,
From where Hell once called me.
Burn through me,
The memories to the buried flame,
Of love and its shelter.

Beauty is a place only for yourself,
Death is a place that subdues myself.
My mind is a world that seeks after the cure,
And I plead for love’s wings to ever be pure.
I see thee,
Beneath ornaments upon wreaths,
As water trickles from your feet,
And beauty is all I see.

Flesh is all I remember
In the now.
Truth is what I dismembered,
With the vows.
And love will be what saves me,
Here and now,
As I stoop myself beneath thee,
And take a bow.

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