Poem – “Withered Rose, or Brazen Kiss” – Romance – 11/9/2019

Fall upon me with the world apart,
And I will offer you a word,
To see you married, to see you gladly
Dressed in the adornments befitting
Elegance of all its domain.

People do not know, the pleasures we make
Of each other.
People will not know, the symptoms we create,
That race forever.
They will not ever see the subtlety of love.

They are too much like rats,
Scurrying towards a trap,
Towards a fate,
Towards hate.
They need chaos, and we need an empire,
In our hearts, in our glistening hearts,
Where we may find that Hell will hear our commands.

Come upon me,
Or what will you do?
What else to do,
Besides drink up our own version
Of madness?

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