Poem – “In Arms, Forever…” – Romance – 12/11/2019

Together, and now
When we will allow
Ourselves, to spit upon the blight,
The doubt,
That held us back,
There is green upon the leaves, when autumnal frost still cakes them.
I am in belief, that this love will flourish, with a crown of blood droplets,
Rubies, tears from the form,
And sapphire, tears from the face.
We are together, in arms, forever…
To bleed upon the world, what we worship.

We are blooded and tearful,
Made for the caresses, in a thousand waterfalls.
We stand in an idle position, never to suffer, again,
Love makes us apples and pears,
Adorned in the sweetest honey.
Breasts, for wielding,
And a form for tasting,
Is yours, as mine, at the command of my fingertips
And tongue.

Where will your beauty flourish,
Upon the next arrival of another day?
Perhaps in the many spaces we gather buds,
And petals, having sprouted
From the soil of a field,
Within your mind, a place once a virgin, high above
Near your brow?

Love forms a wedding for our joy.
Death will not disavow a memory which we employ.
We stay among the highest embrace,
With tears and sapphire, blood and rubies.

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