Poem – “A Higher Light” – Romance – 12/11/2019

Before betrayal turned my heart into an orb of stone,
Before the music of selfish attraction,
Brought my listening ears close,
I realized upon a day when truth glistened on my mind,
That I was merely a child,
With his feet dipped into the blood of a mother,
A simple thing
Of no complex ways.

A massive enemy to innocence, made my mind soar
Towards a higher light.
With decay now upon my lips, and twilight at my eyes,
A moon for a face, and death that seems to be distant,
Out of reach for an end, lacking desire to celebrate
A life well-lived, for nothing had been taken away.
Beauty was with that innocent expression,
Because, the ugliness of age, became the only torment.

A face, now full with the rays from love,
From a woman sent down from the Heaven, above.
Her lips touched my own,
Drowned my pain in the deepest murk
And the fastest current,
Cleansed the murk, that was the basement
To my mind.
And, I saw where my future headed.

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