Poem – “Where Beauty Seats Herself” – Romance – 12/14/2019

Roses delight themselves
Upon your parted lips,
While teeth chew upon the tears that run from bluest eyes,
You smile with a message that sends a roaring pain
Down upon my feet,

Your face is a homecoming,
One kiss would tear it off,
So that I may see your truth.

Rose petals loosen themselves
Free, from the buds that ensnare themselves
Upon your parted lips.
You lick the kiss for its flavor,
The one I have just granted.
And when I see your eyes that swim in shallow lakes,
And when I see your heart that swims in deepest oceans,
I am still in the pain we’ve both caused for ourselves.

A little mournful embellishment,
A little impulse,
A little indulgence,
In the aspect of a woman in grief.

I desire to know what you know,
Woman in pain.
Those eyes show only everything,
And that is not enough.

Tears swim down your cheeks, upon a different current,
A current of ivory.
A world has its own setting in your lonely heart,
A place of beauty rests on your barren shoulders,
For you are both alone and betrayed,
When the Devil in me has found it wise to dismay.
A message in the sand,
Has been carved from a pulled rib.

For it reads,
“Nothing has a place, as empty as your soul,
Nothing will ever cure, the sadness in your world,
Not my love, nor the heart I ever sold.”

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