Poem – “The Waterfall Beneath your Eye” – Romance – 12/17/2019

There is a waterfall beneath your eye,
As though the eye pressed further into your head,
To bring forth the liquid beneath it.
I have seen you weep, a couple of times,
And become drunk more-so on my own pain, for I caused your tears
To flow more-like the lava from a mountain,
Than ever a flow of water from a geyser.
Because, I have caused your pain, and this is the result.

Little woman of my design,
Who I only wished to be ever-so happy.
I am so confused,
Because, I know not what to do.
My impatient self,
Is helpless, more-so than you,
Upon the time, when you feel this fevered pain.
The foolish me,
Has now seen,
What should not be,
Have I failed to make you happy?
In this failure, the foolish me, has been senseless.

The foolish me,
The moronic me,
I go now to drink from a bottle,
With each drop flooding my throat, to the pit of my stomach,
Where the pain dwells most.
I did this,
As I did unto you,
What I’ll do to suffer, for all of this.

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