Poem – “To How we Share our Love, Apart” – Romance – 12/18/2019

Upon sticks and brambles, and everything taken from the trees,
Love, we do, with our hearts spread, over everything new.
Like two fossils, once beautiful and full of scenery.

Like two trees, now collapsed, with kisses running over
As the remaining twigs that caress.

I am in love, or had I ever been?
We are, as we’d always been, split in two halves,
Death makes no sound, by itself.
Beautiful, we are, and tormented, as stars,
I find fragrance in your heart, as pungent as the soil beneath us.

We’ve grown over everything.
And, as we thought to share our happiness

With the unpleasant world,
Our hearts were seen to be the purest creations, bought by love,
On shores, on seas created by tears, flooded from eyes of marble.

We are in love, or had we ever been?
Beautiful matrimony is only for our leaves, the children who fall away.

Upon this autumnal day of days.
I have only been quelled by a loud heart, that beats with fear,
To remind me that I am not in love, any longer.

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