Poem – “As I Hold your Face…” – Romance – 12/24/2019

As I hold the face, that shows the very state,
You’ve become,
In the Hellish, heated, and festering nights we’ve shared,
With no secrets, and all nudity to bare.
Our fingers laced,
In other’s skin,
In the blood of posterity.

We have now, nothing to reveal,
And still nothing more, else to conceal.

As I hold your face, I kiss it sweetly.
As sweetly as I could kiss a face, as yours,
Under moonlight and sunlight, that conjoins into a gray pallor.

We see stars, and we see the flooding darkness,
Creating waves, like one bleak tide,
And yet, we still love, like two children of innocence,
Resplendent in our ways.

All futures we have gathered,
Like those stars, in our very arms.
And we kiss each other, with gravity to newness.
Beauty is where we mold,
Our spirits to shape,
Because, we are beautiful,
When we are away from the rocks, that would scar
Ourselves, into one shape of uneven marks.
Rocks on shores, rocks near to lakes.

Beautiful dear,
Beautiful woman, of this Northern realm,
Where we share tears beneath the lights,
And the stars.
Can I kiss you, one final time,
Before we part, when due the time
To see the ending of a life, well-timed?

And why do I call you beautiful?
It is because I have made you, in my image.

That face,
Is merely my place,
To hold, in infinite grace.

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