Poem – “A Kiss upon Thy Forehead” – Romance – 12/27/2019

I lay it, quietly,
A kiss upon thy forehead,
While music shudders around us,
And destroys all tension,
As I have kissed you.

Resplendence, among beauty and grace,
All are teeming in your bosom
You have a flower in your hair,
And a heart that shimmers, like the wings flapping from the gulls,
Radiant with the dew from the sea.

A clever mind, and ever-more warming soul,
You have gifted to me.
I will love with all the kindness,
Befitted to me.
Great beauty who is so sad,
Let your tears fall into my hand,
They are cupped for their landing,
And I will drink.

Nothing escapes me,
So much as your fleeing heart.
I have a thorn for you, not a bud, nor even a petal,
Pain is so unstoppable,
But, I believe to have brought warmth.

Where is there the terror?
Where is there the annoyance?
Gentleness and kindness, is where you thrive,
While I dance upon fields made of bone,
Fields made of pain, for us both to reap like shredded grain.

I gift thee,
One present of love.

Because, I have seen thee,
Suffer so.

Do not, anymore, suffer longer,
Because, I love you, as a friend should.

Staying strong, as I am,
I am destined, to be where you land.

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