Poem – “Celebration of a New Moment” – Romance – 12/26/2019

Depression is a current moment, for you
When you dip tears into the bowl of failure,

I have not been good to you.
But, I will surround you, in the venom of friendship.
I will surround you
In the thorns that have been, all to us,
The things we recognize,
Are to us,
The wilderness of sheer belief.

We are not for us,
But, for connection,
Sheer connection,
And for that, I will not let you die.

Most beautiful of women,
As a friend, I still call you that,
Despite the love having faded,
And all is left is a current moment of depression

I will not allow the tears to rumble
When they hit the stones at your feet.
I will catch them,
Drink them,
Absorb them,
Because, as I have saved you, from things so abominable,
I will do so, again.

For I feel strength,
Near enough as to my nostrils,
So that I may breathe,
Simply breathe,
What love is, in a different sense,
And perhaps a better one.

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