Poem – “The Single Droplet of Love” – Romance – 1/9/2020

Beautiful woman
Whom all will call as needing aid,
The support from a thousand fountains,
To drink from.

Why do you require more
Than what I offer?

Is it merely in a woman’s blood
To be this expensive?
To require this much effort
For your possession?

I do not own you,
But, I have won you.
A golden heart, is what I have taken,
And peace for me, is what I’ve needed.

For long I have wandered,
Taking in pathetic ambitions,
Until I submitted
Before love, and its singing temple.

A kiss upon your forehead
Is only the beginning.

You have drunk from fountains, numerous.
You have eaten the many sweets, from a thousand hands.
But, the single droplet of love
Is something I will persist, to give,
For it is pure,
It is whole.

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