Poem – “A Final Sigh in the Wind” – Romance – 1/9/2020

The way we both breathe
In the heat of this barren town,
Where love falls on deafened clowns,
Where their ears cannot fathom
The calls of their laughing sounds,
Is the way we sigh
By the way we cry upon acknowledgement
That we’ll not ever jest
The way that a clown does.
We are merely lies,
Among the particles to breathe from sighs.

Their way, is among ignorance,
Our way, is among insolence.

Our eyes
Show signs and portents, all about,
In the dismal haze of this exasperating night.
Love must match, our Hellish home,
Our Hellish hearts,
But, what love did ever start,
Upon the day when we did part?

Beauty runs over our eyes,
Matching the blue from our hearts,
And never the red from loud passion.

Your face, a screaming green,
My mind, a yielding yellow.
And when your hand comes to raise itself,
I will be the one to stop.

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