Poem – “As I Sculpted the Desert over your Form” – Romantic Poetry – 1/13/2020

Within every bird, there is a song.
But, yours seems to be missing.
Figment of my little imagination, and I am deluded,
But, the waves crest as your breasts,
And the tides recede along your abdomen,
So I go, to place my hands like the sculptor’s way
To make sure a woman need not feel dismay.

Your song shall be saved
By my glorious appetite.
I go to make that desert, to set that dryness
Upon thy empty form.
Because, you deserve the hoarseness of a voice
Deserved, after every pain I’ve swallowed,
So you shall, too.

I sculpt, and I weave
Blankets out of your porcelain flesh.
Where blue from rocky slopes, caught up in currents
By the waves of a tempest to an ocean
Makes heat,
And thus, comes the dryness.
By the few places we kiss, the fewer places we touch,
You are dead in arms, and have swallowed a peninsula,
Made by me, in this sordid experiment.

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