Poem – “As I Hold you Beneath the Frozen Falls” – Romantic Poetry – 1/14/2020

Your tears come new in the blue,
Beneath the ozone layers and layers of ice,
Beneath where you’ve seated yourself
Upon my lap,
And dream of where we could see
Each memory collapsing.

Your beauty is a for a woman
Whose neglect is permanent,
And whose face is casting off, upon the ocean
To notice the stars, and the open haze
From the setting sun.
I have loved, and once did dream, of something whole.

I once did see
The little blue stars
Above my vivid scars,
Sailing away from my mind,
From my heart,
From my place in this lonely sea.

Where did love trail to
In this horrid Hell?
I am so much in love, with only the melody
Of a void that cries,
Because, all I wish to do
Is wave farewell to all goodbyes.

Your horrible Nature,
Your terrible pleasures
To see me wide open upon the cross,
Dying as Christ did,
With my palms open to the sun
And its beaming hues upon my dripping forehead.

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