Poem – “When the Pain Feels Closer than Her” – Romantic Poetry – 1/17/2020

In all the time, I had thought
The tears to be worth their sour taste,
I was wrong in my mind, to know
That in our place,
There would be eternity.

Love is a power against the impossible,
And yet,
I do not want to border myself on obsession.

It is a madness that
Makes both those who reject it, and embrace it,
Turn insane.

Against the impossible
Is not such a human feat.
It is a godly one,
And against the impossible of your broken body,
There was only defeat.

I now see only distortion,
In these words and syllables.

Madness knocks upon my mind’s door
Like a few pebbles against a window
During a storm.
Because, I know
And I detest it,
That I have rejected not you,
But the ultimate feeling called love.

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