Poem – “My Hands Wet with Tears” – Romantic Poetry – 1/18/2020

My hands wet with the dew
That has crossed my eyelids,
And dropped with grace
Upon the flesh of my palms,
As I fell to my knees.

I bleed wine, from my wrists,
And bleed the sea, from my eyes.
And, bitterness encompasses both.

Late when the feeling comes to subside,
Under the boughs and brambles of this winter season,

I dip into the moon, with my mind weighing
Heavy upon a thought.
The thought of you, once held in my arms,

The thought of the silver, that leaked in happiness
From your eyes.

You saw my face,
The sun.
You saw the light that drained upon the tears
Swelling from your face.
You were the happiness that is now gone.

Late when the feeling begins to arise,
Like the tide that the moon pulls,

Like the tears that the night releases,
Like my face that ends up trembling
Under the weight of it all,
I come to fathom only the distance,
Between me and the feeble night’s own light,
And never the closeness.

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