Poem – “Too Much Feeling to Burn” – Romantic Poetry – 2/8/2020

Her tears were for my cup,
To count of every drop.
Her eyes were the lakes for me to dip my feet,
And to bathe within their frozen stare.
Her pain and her sorrow
Will last for every tomorrow.

My beating heart,
And her legs that walk
The miles across landscapes wet with the contents
Of her bleeding spirit.
My beating heart
Resonates not with her collapsed mind.

Plagues of dew
Are so very new
To my own sight, on the rocks that cling themselves
To her bare throat,
Where the ocean motions itself
Against such hardness, with such coldness.

Love was once between us,
As the warmth, to hold the sun in our arms
Like a babe with innocence to share.
Like two stars that softly fade,
Among a world destined to never miss
The greater coldness among the warming kiss.

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