Book Concept – “Humanity’s Subtle Extinction” – 3/2/2020

Our obsession with identity and appearance, will make the downfall of our species, through regression, while we continue to call it progression. To recede back to our origin, back to our beginning, through endless discovery upon ourselves, is the Nihilistic effort to see “change” be the thing to kill off our species. For that is because when we seek to discover who we are, we dwell in the pain and confusion that is a beginning. A beginning, being something related to nightmare or Death.

What will be proved with this book is that Death is the beginning of each human. We do not look into history to see ourselves, as much as we look into history to see what has died.

What is resurrected from the past, is what creates fear, and an intense individual focus upon identity or historical information, is an intense focus upon Death or nightmare. For that is because each thing related to Death, relates to the subconscious, resurrected in our sleep as nightmares.

To resurrect them into reality is to make either a Schizophrenic, or a true monster. For that is what the Nihilist questions, is it not? The “reality” for its perception, that is, and never an absolute, is what is on the Nihilist’s mind.

Dig too deep, and you discover the skeleton beneath our flesh. Then, you make yourself into the feared monster that Death incorporates, being that skeleton. You then begin to epitomize Death.

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