Quote – “Why Love is the Judgement that Forgives” – 6/29/2020

“Each human possesses faults, imperfections, all either contemptible or forgiven by other humans. For what is first understood, that is what is always received with punishment. Though, there is something else that is judged by love, being of the greater fault to any person. That fault is a person simply being themselves. Such means, that a person’s humanity is their ultimate imperfection. For such examples like a man who is angered much of the time, has that emotion stemming from a source of pain. His pain, is his humanity, for that example. That ultimate imperfection, being that humanity, is then judged through love with compassionate eyes. Thus, you have the opposite of punishment, being forgiveness.

Love becomes a judgement when it can judge a human’s fault, for simply being a human. It sees deeper beyond the first perceived faults, of a human. For is it not that humanity is buried beneath all a person’s Hell?

This is a judgement apart from the faults that are received with punishment.”

– Anonymous

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