Start starving
Your eyes to the fallen tears.
Start believing
In God’s realm,
Infinite as the universe is dark.
Start dreaming
That joy shall come up, to sweep us
To the next eternity,
Away from life’s short one.

Start blackening
Your limbs, against the smelter.
Start whitening
Your face to be forged
Anew, of something better than
The miseries
We’ve too much plunged for.

I love you, as a misanthrope
Whose rejection of the world
Has made me find a new one.

I love you, as a man
Whose ambition has once risen
As he allowed it to decay.

Once I fell
Into a raven’s den,
I saw what wilted about me
In stinging feathers.
Once I saw upwards
To the sky’s holy summit,
You were crowned
In ivory.

I believe
For but a moment
That I can turn the world
Its opposite direction,
That we might clash
From oceans apart.

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