Poem – “A Heart Unable to Break” – Romance – 8/15/2020

You were two pieces to fault
The dagger thrust down the wrong edge
Of this fragmented hope
Kept in a hollow heart.
Unshaken symmetry
Keeps love the holiest delusion.
You grow tears like seeds for newest apples
To conjure up starved beginnings.

My wings come unshaken,
Broken, and tattered.
All like the pride I destine myself with,
To the pain that drives me down.
The rain caught in my feathers,
Like bliss trapped in my eyes.

Bleed on
The rivers for me to swim,
From your arms, to my arms,
For me to caress the waves
From your startled gaze.
You dive into the pride of a sheltered defeat,
For my woes are your sorrows,
As the ground is for our lips.

My heart,
With beats that are furious
For you,
In this night of no pleasure.
I am to decide
What shall wither this pride.

For upon your brow,
Tears fall upward,
Coming undone of your eyes.

They are drunk by a mirthless halo,
Where burning resplendence has written your name
On the longest line, upon the furthest shore.

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