Poem – “She Falters for the Wreath” – Religion – 9/10/2020

Just a well
To dump the contents
Of her eyes.
Deep blue as Neptune’s children,
As puling infants,
Close to no mother,
Close to no other
But the cruel hands of a Father,
Of God’s sheltering darkness.
For she
Can swear He created Hell.

Water the cries,
To water them, more.
Water the lilies, upon the current to the brook,
Draped as curtains
Over the stepping stone.
She has lost her husband,
Her husband,
She has lost her life.

Just a love,
As she spews to the noose above,
All words that come falling back,
Black as her sadness,
“What message to my plight,
Can you offer, to ease my sight?
What words to my wisdom,
Can you wield, as my shield?”

Just broken venom,
Unsaid prayers,
Fewest, forgotten syllables
That wield no material.
She has dropped a body to a grave,
To let it sing
Among the burial
Of her tears,
Growing somber blossoms
For many years.

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