Poem – “Where Walls coming Tumbling” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Upon the leaves,
Streaming where you left
This world
Frozen over,
In greatest graces
Departed from yourself,
For all I see is unending snow.
Love holds you,
In the deepest of puddles.

I love
All that came from you,
Believing you
Where you put your warm heart,
Fading you
In the skies, where Heavens corrupt
By the black light of my grief.

You wash your eyes
In the tears that never truly leave,
As you leave your wounds
To find meaning in the memories.
Lift yourself,
Find yourself
Where you were buried
Like leaves in the fire.

Face our grief,
Bleeding in between realms
Of poignant disbelief,
Remaining where
We can all be aware
Of our silent stares.