Poem – “Loving you, Between the Lines” – Romance – 11/15/2020

Leaving you
Buried, in the fields of your remembrance,
Spelling out songs in the wilderness,
Drying tears upon the edges of broken petals.
There is a waiting life,
Bleeding ourselves to dine
Upon the blood of strife,
Wilting ourselves, in the shallows.

Wasting you
Where dreams come, unending.
They’re real as nightmares,
Where I can live
Without you.
The love I felt,
Like loosening the streams
From the dams of my eyelids.

Sickness resolves sickness,
Like love gives shape to love,
Entering the fields where you grow up
As the heavenly stalk,
Sinking your face
Into the puddles of your shame.
We bleed,
So we bleed on, even more.