Poem – “Answers to the Dust” – Romanticism – 12/13/2020

I kneel,
Hoping for reveal
Of each timeless word
You never spoke.

There are raven strands
Folded from your head to chin.
One beauty laid gently
Over soil, matching grain,
Matching stain,
As you left with the tides,
The ocean
Matching my eyes.

Thunder presses from Heaven’s clouds
Dotted as orbs atop my head,
As scenery comes forth from ducts
Leaking contents,

You were true to my every vow,
Sought seriousness of each blue word
Where flame
Bandaged my wrists,
Nailed for your forgiveness.

Just an echo now resides
In my skull, forecasting what little
Notes can be consigned
To the end of you.

Just words that bounce from rivers,
As rocks to be skipped
With the beats of an engraved heart.

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